ShoulderHealth privacy policy

Last updated: May 2023

Our website address is

We adhere to the current requirements for privacy, which include the requirements of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We do not store any personal information without your consent and process all information in accordance with the Act on the Processing of Personal Information. We follow the requirements of the Norm for information security in the health and care service ("the Norm").

Healthcare personnel at ShoulderHealth are authorized in Norway and follow Norwegian laws and regulations that regulate requirements for privacy and patient safety. uses cookies to improve our services. Most browsers are set to accept cookies. You can choose to change these settings in your browser.

We use Google Analytics to collect de-identified user information. This includes, among other things, which browser you use or which country you come from. See Google's rules for privacy and cookies.

Patient data is handled securely with Helseboka PRO, which belongs to Helseapps AS. The patient logs into the Helseboka app with Bank ID and all information is encrypted and secure. We use the payment service Stripe and do not store card information on our websites.

ShoulderHealth by Benjamin Haldorsen publishes the online course and bonus book content on the course platform Thinkific. You can see all data stored on you on the "My Account" page in our Thinkific course portal.

We also use the following Google services, which are HIPAA compliant: Gmail, Calendar, Meet, and Drive. is run by Benjamin Haldorsen SkulderHelse with organization number 918 899 502. Changes to services, terms of use, and privacy are published on our websites. If you have questions about terms of use and privacy, you can e-mail us at