Frequently asked questions

How do I pay for my online consultation?
You pay for an online consultation through the Stripe system via a payment link after the consultation.

Can you guarantee to fix my shoulder problem?
No. Recovery cannot be guaranteed, not for in-person or online consultations.

Can my shoulder problem be treated via video consultation?
Most musculoskeletal conditions can be treated via video consultations. If your condition isn't suitable for a video consultation, you'll be referred on and get your consultation fee back.

What should I expect during a video consultation?
The physiotherapist will ask you a series of structured questions about your injury and health history. After that, you might be asked to do some movements to get a more detailed evaluation. The physiotherapist will explain their findings and give you advice on how to manage your recovery. You'll also get a structured exercise program tailored to your condition as part of your treatment plan.

Technical requirements to participate in a video consultation
You'll need a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC with a camera and microphone.

Smartphones/tablets are more flexible if you want to show off something to your therapist during the video consultation (e.g. rashes, swellings, etc.). To get a better sound and avoid echoes, we recommend headphones/headsets.

You must be connected to the internet. The Internet connection must be stable (WIFI/4G). If you rely on 4G, you must know video calls use mobile data. We recommend Wifi where possible.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the equipment you will use well in advance of the first video consultation. Make sure that your PC, tablet, or mobile phone is connected to power or that the battery is fully charged, and that you are sitting in a quiet room with enough lighting.

What is the difference between a free video call and a paid video consultation?
Free video calls are not health care services. You may ask general questions about shoulder pain and the book "Healthy Shoulder Your Way". A free video call does not create a provider-patient relationship between you and ShoulderHealth and does not create any duty for ShoulderHealth to follow up with you.